• Yep USO tour when I was stationed in Germany went to their top brewery dont know how to spell it and took a bunch of that beer back with me lol. It was very very exspensive beer btw.
  • Yes, in Iowa last year, I brought some home of course.
  • Yes, the Biltmore Estate winery...several times. Fantastic place to visit and really great gift shop. Always came home with great wines they produce right there. Their Christmas wines (esp. Rieslings) are outstanding.
  • We live about 20 miles from Temecula, which is loaded with grape vines and wineries. We did go on tours when we lived in Riverside..we toured two different times. Once with friends and once with my son and his then-girlfried. You pay money and get to taste 3-4 wines, your choice of what they have available. After about the 3rd or 4th winery you're pretty relaxed. It was fun...we really enjoyed it both times! :)
  • Yes this past September we went to the Biltmore Estate outside of Asheville, NC and they actually have their own winery. We toured the winery, attended a tasting and brought home several nice bottles which I have enjoyed immensely. :)
  • We did some winery tours in the Amana Colonies in Iowa and winery in the San Fransisco area and the Coors brewery in Golden, CO. (Near Denver). We bought some wine but at Coors they gave us one free drink and that was all. No sales there.
  • We toured a brewery in Milwaukee, WI. It was very nice, but it was years ago when I first found out I was pregnant. The smells really got to me and I really didn't enjoy it much!
  • We did a self-directed tour along the Washington State coast. There were two couples so we's switch off designated drivers until we all had to stop at a hotel. It's a fun way to travel in Washington.
  • Yes In the Margaret River area of SW Australia and in France.
  • Yes, back in 1991 my now-ex and I were traveling with friends in France and we stopped in at one. It was off season, but the owner showed us around and it was a private tour. It was very intersting and we got to sample some of their products and ending up buying two bottles to take home. Unfortunately they were stolen from the car later that afternoon!
  • Yes, I have been to the Hunter Valley of New South Wales (Australia), both Upper and Lower Hunter, which are some of the best winegrowing areas in the world. I have also toured the Mudgee area wineries, and Forbes area wineries, and some just south of Sydney. These were in the 80s and 90s. In Europe, I did some tasting around Worms in Germany.That was in the 70s. Worms is the home of Liebfraumilch... Sadly, I could not bring any home from Europe, but on our trips to the Hunter and other NSW wineries, we always did.
  • I've been to the Utica Club brewery twice. They give free samples at the end (and, of course, root beer for the yung'uns).
  • Bush Gardens in Tampa Florida. Was like walking through a factory in a glass bubble. (no)
  • ep Europe and it was really smelly.
  • Last year I worked in a winery in Almeria in the south of Spain, and was in charge of giving the tours. It was a lot of fun and I always managed to join in on the tasting at the end. It's a fairly new winery so the owners were eager for people to tast as much as possible (and hopefully buy some afterwards) and we always offered olives and potato chips with the white and rosé wines and cheese and crackers with the red. The tastings ofetn took longer than the actual tour!!
  • the guinness brewery and the jameson whiskey brewery
  • Maybe 12 breweries? I would have to do research to remember them all. Hammer & Nail in Watertown, CT (closed about 7 years ago) Stroh's in North Carolina in the mid-1990's. Budweiser in Newark, NJ when I was in high school. The Frederick Brewing CO. in Frederick, MD a few times. At least two in PA.
  • A mini brewery in North Carolina.We met a brewmeister while on vacation and he took us on a tour of the brewery and gave us beer glasses and ALOT of!
  • This question is making me thirsty. I have been to several (lots of vinyards about 20 miles away). I particularly enjoy visiting a winery, because around here they have lovely views, relaxing atmosphere, and are always secluded well away from town. This is a conundrum for me, because I consider myself a connoisseur of beers, and only rarely drink wine. Microbreweries are fun - but not usually quiet and relaxing around here. This hasn't answered question directly - because I was just establishing the part where I do like wineries. Here is the rest: 2 weeks ago our Fire Department was called out to a 20 acre brush fire 4 miles South of my house on the same road I live on (which is well out of town, in the woods) The fire was extinguished before it reached the grapevines and some nice builings. <WHAT?!!?> Grapevines? Nice buildings? The suprise news for us, is that this a new vinyard going in - that nobody new about. It opens in a couple of months :).... Anyway, the owner was very pleased, and sent us back with 30 bottles of wine from the not even open "Buck Mountain Vinyards"... This would mark the only time I have ever been to a vinyard, not drank, AND carried wine home. They are brewing beer as well - which means that there is a relaxing place with beer - 4 miles from my house. I'll call y'all when it opens. We can swoop down, get crocked, catch a ride back to my place and pile up on the couches and make drunken snore noises.
  • Yes, a winery in Heidelburg, Germany. It was nearly divine---but since I was on my way to Bible school at the time (that prohibited the consumption of alcohol---can you imagine? In Germany?), I didn't take any of that great stuff along with me. :(
  • I have been to the Brotherhood Winery, Washingtonville, New York. It is the oldest winery in the United States. It was a wonderful vist, the history was very interseting and the wines were good. We left with a case of mixed wines.
  • I love going to some of the smaller ones (wineries and microbrew beer makers). I've been to ones in WA state and Napa CA. Sometimes they have a personality all their own, some have restaurants, some even have a B&B. If you find a wine or beer you like, buy some and take some home!

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