• No idea. But I do know that the corpse still get corporal punishment by caning- in some states.
  • Because people always take advantage of god's mercy and love and manage to sneak that in when he's napping, otherwise, he wouldn't allow it
  • This valuable life is given to us by Almighty.We never came in this world by our choice.So the Almighty has the full wright to end ones life and no one is the owner of his/her life.
  • He doesn't control our destiny. Why do people think that? Would you please tell me?
  • there is no destiny. god has given us choice.
  • I don't think God controls our destiny. We are free to choose our path. But, God is expecting us to made the right decision and dedicate ourselves to helping others. By helping others, God knows we will actually find happiness. Suicide is the ultimate act of selfishness. Obviously, some folks are not healthy when they choose suicide. Hopefully, God will know that.
  • You do not believe that God gave us Free Will?
  • ash him!!!!!!!!!!
  • The Church considers it a "sin" because it takes money away from them. If you kill yourself, you won't be able to tithe, or produce offspring who tithe.
  • God has full knowledge of our deeds but does not control our destiny. Catholics believe suicide when committed in full knowledge and deliberate consent is a complete turning away from God (a mortal sin) and will send a person to hell. There are 3 conditions of a mortal sin: grave matter, full knowledge, and deliberate consent. While suicide (or any kind of murder) is always a grave matter, people who commit suicide may not always have full knowledge of what they're doing. Drugs can definitely impair one's thinking, as can other things, such as diseases, intense pain, or anguish. Therefore, suicide is not automatically treated as a mortal sin. We are commanded by Christ not to judge others so we leave final judgment to God who alone knows each person's heart. The Code of Canon Law does not list suicide as a reason to deny a person a Catholic funeral or burial in a Catholic cemetery. For more information, see the Catechism of the Catholic Church: On mortal sin, paragraphs 1857-1859: On suicide, paragraphs 2282-2283: With love and prayers in Christ.
  • where does it say it's a sin? it don't in Bible. murder in cold blood is sin. kill in war is not.
  • Because He is controller of our destiny not deeds as you accepted in your Question.Deeds are good or bad,we get result accordingly.
  • Does the Bible say that suicide is a sin? If so where? I cannot at this time recall reading anything re: suicide, but I can b wrong. I have erad the Bible quite a few times and have studied certain parts otf it. I think that in the end, that is if you believe in the bible, that God will be the judge of everything that everyone does. He will determine if it really is a sin or not. Could there be certain circumstances where it may not be a sin, i.e. a person has a mental illness and is not really in control of all their faculties so to speak? I think God is a loving and a just God and He is quick to forgive. We are His children and He does care for us. There is a lot of negativity out there regarding God, Christians, and the Bible and most of it is undeserved. I think (speaking as an imperfect Christian) that too many times people believe what they hear too often, and too often what they hear is just heresay. In the Bible we are told in Acts 17:11 "These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so." In Matthew Henry's commmentary of this verse he says "May all the hearers of the gospel become like those of Berea, receiving the word with readiness of mind, and searching the Scriptures daily, whether the things preached to them are so." A person should NOT just accept what they hear as being so, but they should search to find out if it is true. Search in the right places though, i.e. if it is Bible related then search the Bible and talk to Christians (still be careful though and get them to show you where it says such and such in the Bible), or talk to ministers about it. There are too many false beliefs and misconceptions out there and if a person really wants to find the truth they will have to work at it but searching and studying and not just talking. I seem to often be doing this lately - I'll see a question, want to answer it, then before AI post it I'll go back to the original question to see if I am still on the right track (and I do often get off track) and then I read a few of the other comments and then I see that it has already been answered similarily tohow I answered it - oh well I'll still post it and read more before I write in the future!
  • you have so many wonderful answers here already , its not a sin, what it is ,is a deep sadness that if given time, may have been able to be worked through, enabling the person to continue this life for a longer span, supposidly taking ones life on this plane, alters the direction of a further life, the pain doesnt leave the soul, the soul will have to work through the issues on another level, so again, its better to solve probelms in the here and now if its at all possible.:)
  • Suicide is a sin becuase its the most selfish act a person can do. It doesnt harm them in any only creates sadness among the people that love them. Instead of FIXING the problem, they SOLVE it quick, and easy. It isnt trusting God NOR is it turning to God in the most dyer time...or need, its turning away from God...wanting to Die, wanting to END it...and thinking they are worth nothing, and nobody loves them. Wrong. It is just wrong all the way around. Instead of getting up, pushing themselves...and making the world a better place, they think instead its a better place without them...which isnt true. All the future events...all that is instore for them....a light they can turn to...all rejected, cuz they dont want to try. out, study an art...ANYTHING...Fake smile for an hour...Meditate...anything, focus...I myself believe medication is only an inhibiter....but yet, its all selfishness...that is why its a sin.
  • There is the little matter of free will.
  • How do you figure He controls our destiny? That's totally up to us.
  • Suicide means that the person thinks that their life belongs to them and they can do what they want with what is theirs. Their life is not theirs. They did not earn the right to exist. They were granted that priviledge. Taking your own life is like telling God, "Thanks, but no thanks".

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