• Yes, and most likely a member of the Ku Klux Clan and a Neo-Nazi.
  • You're *pretty* racy, but I dunno if you're the *raciest*...
  • No. he is The President of The United States. You have a right to your opinion, as long as color is not included.
  • Offhand I'd say no. But are you of the mind to disagree with him utilising racist comments? If you are, then one observing might get the notion that you are a racist.
  • Not at all
  • Depends, do you disagree with what he's doing because he's black or because you think it's dumb?
  • No you are racist because you brought up the fact that he is black. That is irrelevant.
  • no.... u disagree with what he is doing. i am sure if he was white, pink or even bright orange ur opinion wouldnt change
  • No. A racist judges people by color of skin, not by what they do.
  • It depends. Take the following two examples: 1. I disagree with Obama's reversal of Bush's stem cell policy because I don't think he seriously considered the ethical implications of the decision. 2. I disagree with Obama's reversal of Bush's stem cell policy because I don't think he seriously considered the ethical implications of the decision. It's probably because he's black. I don't think it takes a genius to work out which of those statements is racist. If you are worried that *any* criticism of Obama could be taken as racist then you are probably hanging out with idiots who can't discern between examples 1 and 2. (I'm fine with stem cell research btw, it was just an example)
  • We're all a little bit racist sometimes.....
  • Only if your reason for disagreeing with him is because he's African American. If you have other reasons, then no.
  • No and you would also not be anti-Semitic if you disagree with what Israel is doing but I know you are a Zionist so forget the last part, it wouldn't apply
  • Nope. I'm dissapointed in Obama's decisions too. I would have loved to see him succeed but he's not making good decisions in my opinion. If people call you racist for that than they are clearly ignorant. Some people just can't be turned around, they think that if you disagree with a black man you are automatically racist. It's retarded. That is the kind of F*#@$ed Up society we live in. Just gotta learn to ignore people.
  • Just because you disagree with him???? I don't think so!
  • as long as you diagree with what he is doing and not what the colour of his skin is, than you are not racist.
  • No the person calling you a racist is a racist.
  • No, not at all. I believe in what he's doing, but I'm also open to the idea that his plan is wide open to failure. I still DO NOT regret voting for him, as a depressed economy under him isn't nearly as bad as a depressed economy and a war on multiple fronts (Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran, with an eye on North Korea).
  • No.If you are disagreeing because you dont like what he is doing from a policy standpoint.I dont agree with some of what he is doing from that standpoint.I KNOW I am not a racist.Is My opinion.Doesnt make it right or wrong.Just Mine.
  • No you have a right to agree or disqagree. I disagree with him and am married to a black man who also disagrees with him. My black jhusband hates obama and you can not say he is a racist as he is black. You are a strong human that demands your right like anybody else does.
  • no you disagree with him b/c he is wrong on most things and yes i am a conservative
  • No, but if you were racist, it could be that you disagree with what he is doing because you would be racist.
  • I disagree with Al Sharpton at times, does that make me racist?
  • No beacuse you disagree with what he is doing not the colour of his skin.
  • Not at all - I disagree with what he is doing and I don't consider myself a racist

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