• I encouraged my son to join the navy while Bush was president.
  • I have a niece and nephew (brother and sister) on their way. They ship out in on June 1st. I didn't give my input. This is their live and I stand by them. But my choice would have been HELL NO! +5
  • We're still at war, although now at least with an exit plan and an end to stop-loss on the horizon. I told my ex a few years ago that if she tried to join the military then, I'd tattle on her gayness -- not to be vindictive, but because I cared about her (we were still together at the time). If we were together now, I'd still advise against it, but I don't think I'd go over her head about it.
  • Being retired military and white, I would say heck no. Way too many whites are being killed for the others of this world and they do not appreciate it. Plus, our government is trying to get the white race wiped out anyway. obama and his band are now going to send the whites to Afghanistan to get so many killed and wiped out there. A few at a time. I think that all immigrants, especially illegal should be sent there for two years or they can not stay in America. I will not apologize for seeing that the white race is slowly being erased from America. Heck here is AK we are not the minority. Even the Asians out number us. The asians own most of downtown Anchorage. check it out. I am telling the truth.
  • I would never encourage either of my kids to join the military regardless of who the President of the US might be at the time. Here in the UK it used to be a good career - there was a chance you might see some conflict but esentially you would learn a trade and be set up for life. Now it seems that you are guaranteed to see fighting action and therefore I could never encourage them to risk their lives. If they said they were going to join up though without my encouragement, I would support them every step of the way and be proud that they felt courageous enough to do it.
  • I would encourage my child to move in the direction that is best suited for him/her. If it's the military, so be it. Discipline, organization, motivation, and honor can all be learned in the military--not to mention experience and education. Protecting the freedoms we all live by is an awesome responsiblity.
  • I will encourage my children in any career choice that they wanted. I am not here to control their lives but to support their happiness in anything they do. If they wanted to be in the military, I would support that. I would be worried and pray when they were in a war no doubt.
  • I dont have a kid because im 18 which in todays world might be a shocking thing but that's up for another debate but if they instituted and draft right now my mother and father would ship me up North to family in Canada or down south to the south. But me personal if the war is worth fighting or death to us all was coming I would join but if it looks like some bs I wouldn't run no need i'll gladly take the punishment to prove what I dont or do believe in!
  • No, I wouldn't want my kid to join a state-sanctioned killing machine. And Obama wants to invade Pakistan.
  • No, never! I would never let my child prostitute his/her soul as a mercenary in the war mongering of this country in exchange for a community college education
  • I'd never actually encourage them to do something based on my likes and dislikes. What they choose for themselves though I would support completely, it doesn't matter who is in office.
  • I served in the Navy back in the 1950s. I would have encouraged someone to join the military back then and did. Today, I would not encourage anyone to go into the military. If they insisted on going I would say either the Navy or the Airforce; NOT the Army nor the Marines. This world is in too much unrest and just because Bush is no longer in there, as you can see Obama has already ordered 4000 additional troops into Afghanistan. It will escalate from there. I am not saying the Marines or the Army is bad, but they are more directly in harms way. Those going in there are all hyped up and literally brainwashed into thinking they are invensible. That is the only way any person would be willing to go into that type situation and also the hundreds of problems those whom go into Iraq and Afghanistan are experiancing when they return home. The life threating deseases and sicknesses encountered by those on the ground there is just not worth the life time of that kind of life. Look at those left from Agent Orange in Vietnam! Those that are still alive that is. I would no longer encourage anyone to go into the military at this time. If they must then the Navy still has the best schools for a good trade in and out of the military.
  • I would not encourage children to enter the military for I do not support war or killing.Many die needlessly for the wrong reasons.In my extended family very few have entered the military,my father for a short time in WW11,for it was just ending,and my cousin,and he never left the country.
  • I would regardless who the president is. I want my kid to part of a state-sanctioned killing machine.
  • I am not from the US but I would never encourage my child to throw his life away.
  • It doesn't matter who the president is. When the country is in a war it's in a war and ya gotta go. My oldest son is thinking about enrolling. He graduates in May. I am behind him all the way. Do I want him to? No. But I will encourage him to think long & hard about his reasons for joining, do some critical thinking about his desire and what may his reality. Doing anything worthwhile is not throwing your life away. Someone has got to fight for our country in order for us to be able to sit here and type away.
  • I wouldn't encourage no such a thing EVER under ANY circumstance. Besides there are plenty folks out there who buy in to all the money making war mongers BS they sell to go pick fights and make trouble, and laugh all the way to the Bank. There you go, since you asked!
  • I'd encourage any young man or woman to serve at least one term, regardless of Bush.
  • I would never encourage my son to enlist.

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