• Take a pregnancy test, you are several months into your pregnancy if you are, producing milk and breast change comes into effect in the third trimester usually, that is not early pregnancy symptoms at all
  • i know im not months because i had my period two and a half weeks ago. i had sex with my boyfriend the day after my period ended and felt like everytime i eat i want to throw it up, im very moody, its not my boobs are bigger they feel fuller and a little tender, my abdomen feels bloated and uncomfortable, and i have a pinching and stretching feeling in my lower abdomen where you would have cramps but they arent. im not suppose to get my period for another two weeks.
  • How should we know? Take a pregnancy test!!!
  • Not the signs I had. I never felt bloated, was only uncomfortable when trying to sleep because I sleep on my tummy, only felt sick in the early morning before I had anything to eat, never had any pinching sensations at all, was moody after the birth, pregnancy never made me hungry, but, everyone is different so the only way you can know is by having a test done. You might have thought Phillis was being smart but she was dead right, we can not possibly know.
  • sounds like you're getting older. the hormones go a bit nuts especially if you're not on the pill. and if you WANT a baby (even if you're not aware you want one)your body will get even nuttier. there's nothing horribly wrong with you.
  • i think ur pregnant, bc what ur going thru is so what i went thru and i finaly took the pregnacy test and it was positive, i went to see a doc and i was 5 weeks pregnant.
  • you might be pregnant

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