• yes I have. and sometimes I dont have to go far, I can just go to my Dads when my step mom has her family over. She's Philipino, so is my step sister, so sometimes Im the 'odd one out' there. But It is a great way to learn the language, I went to mexico, and traveled around it, not really knowing anything just hello, learnt lots, and learnt it in their slang.
  • MsC, since I have a very limited ability to speak the English language, loll...and that is my only one that I speak...strange, in college, was not required to take a foreign language.
  • yes many times lol
  • Yes, it was an interesting experience to say the least. I had a translator that I didn't completely trust because I think he translated everything to what he thought people wanted to hear and not what was actually being said.
  • Yes, Mexico and Korea...
  • Many. Mexico, Belgium, Italy, Japan, Thailand, Singapore.
  • sadly i have not.....yet. ;D
  • Yes, Italy and Mexico. Fortunately, most of the places we travelled, we had someone who could interpret for us, or the people spoke enough English in the larger cities. There were a few small towns in Italy where we encountered people who spoke no English at all...but, we got by! It didn't take much Italian to order wine and pizza!
  • Poland and Russia
  • Yea, Florida. ROFL
  • Yes, it was india! I didn't know hindi!
  • Yes. Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico for 3. However, I was in tourist areas where lots of the local spoke English. I have been in places in the US and have heard lots of languages I don't speak including Russian and Oriental languages. That was doing Social Work quality control reviews and I used translators.
  • Lots...I spent 6 months in the Mediterranean while in the Navy...Italy, France, Spain, Israel. Also Mexico and Guam.
  • Yes, my ex's family home LoL. They're Italian. I'm not! Does make you wonder what they're saying about you.
  • France, Scotland (I know they were speaking English but I couldn't understand a word). Then there was that trip to West Virginia as well.
  • Yes but I had a personal translator, and I understood some of the words. lol
  • Yes. Mexico but there were a few English speakers.
  • Sure. I've been to Tijuana and Rosarita Beach in Mexico and my Spanish is not so hot. But the people there can speak my language so no problem! Happy Saturday Mrs. C! :) ((hugs))
  • Yes it's called work and i think the language is called innuendo or crap as i affectionatley know it.: )
  • No, but traveling to foreign countries isn't as difficult as it seems - thanks to the many foreign language apps.
  • Oh yeah! Lots of times. Many times I go to a powwow on another reservation, they speak a different language. 3/22/23
  • Yes. I'm not very good with other languages but I do make the effort to learn how to say "thank you" which is how I know it is "köszönöm" in Hungarian, "děkuji" in Czech and "danke" in German.
  • Yes. I was in Spain twice when I was a teenager with some relatives and I had no clue about the Spanish language at the time. Now I know a few basic words. I was in Poland back in 2008 with relatives and again, I had no clue about the Polish language. I picked up on a few basic words a while later
  • Sure. Once, as a kid, I visited the upper peninsula of Michigan. We stopped to ask for directions... "Ya go down road turn right where da gas station yoosa be, den go sraight till da road dare ends, den yuz turn lef. Kip goin pass da big maple tree, den boat tree hundrid yerds more. From dare, ya conno miss't."

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