• I'd have to say London. I've heard it's a lot of fun, and VERY expensive. So if someone else was paying...
  • Bangkok, Thailand. I like the culture, I am fascinated by their art, temples, and everything about it. I think it is a city rich in history and beauty.
  • Honolulu, Hawaii. It looks great, and I have heard so many people say it is great. And I have never been there.
  • New York City. What doesn't interest me about it. The Empire State Building, shopping, the theater, the people, the food, what could be better?
  • Hong Kong, it is obscenely expensive but all expense paid right? Hope that includes shopping, Ive heard they have some of the best in the world. Actually any major metropolis in Asia would do.
  • Florence in Italy to see all the great arts by Da Vinci and Michelangelo
  • Athens, Greece. I've been to Rome and I want to see something older but in the same region of the world :)
  • Beijing,China China is a place i have not visited yet and i would love to go to Beijing it has many beautiful temples and great history. it would also give me access to visit the lost and secret cities. Just to see what another type of communist government has done for the people and how they have cared for their heritage It is such an enormous place that it must be one of the places one really needs to visit
  • Paris I want to visit all the museums and sites. Just experience the culture. Soak it all in!!! But of course kids can't come~ just my hubby and I!!!
  • My dd and I decided we would like to visit Reykjavik, Iceland and take a dip in the Blue Lagoon.
  • I would like to consider Amsterdam city. This city is know for it 'Bicycle Friendly" city. I can cycle for 14 days around the city and beyond and explore the wonders of the city.
  • Either London or Tokyo, though I can't explain why. I just find both cities interesting.
  • I would to go to all the different places that Jesus went to back when he walked on the earth
  • It would be either New York or Washington for me. A Vietnamese friend once told me this: If you have visited US and yet have not traveled to Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Washington, you have NOT been to US. He sounded very serious about his stand on the matter. Thus far I have visited Los Angeles and San Francisco but I have not traveled to New York and Washington.

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