• Learn to spell school.
  • Depends on the teacher. Some are very supportive and interesting conversationalists, some are just teachers, and a few special ones are the subject of many a violent yet pleasant dream, featuring first person perspective mutilation of said teacher...
  • I guess for you it was a foe
  • So cool teachers? Definitely friends. Teachers for the most part are your best friends because they hold the key to your future..they help you unlock the doors to education/learning/knowledge/finding your likes/dislikes..good teachers make you want to learn all you can..learning is exciting and should be a lot of fun if the teacher does it right. Happy Tuesday! :)
  • What friendship are you talking about, when they get paid to deal with you?
  • I have raised 4 children. One of them is still in high school. I can tell you that over the years the teachers that I have met have ranged from the most incompetent idiots that have no business being around children, to teachers that have been wonderful. They are both friend and foe, which is why it is very important to stay very involved in the education of your children. Go to every parent teacher conference, and if need be go over the teacher's heads to speak to their superiors when you suspect a problem
  • Rather friends. But school does not come from cool...
  • Apparent foes but inner friends.

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