• You mean being on answerbag isn't work? Since they decided to "eliminate my position" and I only have 7 more days at this place I am determined to put in 5 minutes or less of actual work each day. So far so good!
  • 3 hours on the weekdays. If I work all day, 8 hours. Every minute of the time I am at work I am working. Last night I had to do 2 hours in the blast room, and that was after degreasing a bunch of parts for my boss's Lincoln. Yup I earn my pay! Sucks most of the time though lol.
  • When I used to work in manufactuing, it was non stop 8 hours exept for the 1 hour lunch break, in an office, if it's production quota based work, you can work non stop and do overtime frequently, if it's clerical o admin, you might work few hours here and there.
  • 14-16 hours

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