• That will depend on an awful lot of different factors, including: -What other pitches do you have? If you have incredible breaking pitches and a good changeup it will mean a lot more then just a fastball, Farnsworth with just the heat isn't too impressive. -Are you a starter or a reliever? -Can you handle game pressures? -Are your mechanics sound? -How injury-prone are you? -How good a defensive pitcher are you? -Do you mix up your pitches well? -How deceptive and effective is your delivery? However, much of it will come down to simply getting noticed. I assume you don't have much pitching experience other than for recreation. You can see the tryouts for individual clubs here: The tryouts for all MLB are here: Note that they're for 2004, 2005 tryouts aren't yet posted. I must warn you, most teams probably won't be looking for an untried older player. You probably don't have a chance unless your stuff is truly phenomenal. Still you never know until you try and going to the tryouts isn't exactly an ordeal and will only take up maybe 3 or 4 hours to attend one. If you want to try learning some good breaking pitches to prepare for the tryouts I have some good info at Also, the one tryout I went to last year they had us throw off of a bullpen so I would practice on one if I were you. Apparently they don't bother letting those trying out mess around with the mounds, although I was at a club tryout and not an MLB one, so it might be different otherwise. You would do well to determine how well comparatively you do throwing off a bullpen area as opposed to flat ground. I throw slower off bullpens then off flat ground with little control even though I have no problem with mounds. I'm going to step back and not use the bullpen this time around, if you have trouble with a bullpen it's something to keep in mind. Best of luck!

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