• Here is a link and a deeper scientific answer. This is what a sonic boom looks like:
  • Pretty loud (they have been used as a weapon of war by Israel). They can break windows. The exact volume and range of the noise depends on several variables, and is not fully understood. The variables include the size, speed and altiude of the aircraft, but it is possible to mitigate the noise by altering the shape of the aircraft. Research continues. It may often be considerably louder than a cannon being fired, but ball-park-wise it's a reasonable comparison.
    • Thinker
      Back in the 1960s a Navy pilot in Kingsville, TX wanted to show off for his girlfriend. He flew over downtown Kingsville supersonic breaking almost every window along the street. The Navy was upset because they have to pay for every window cracked or broken costing many thousands of dollars. I don't remember what happened to the pilot.

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