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  • I have betrayed my mum's trust many times. I am not given a curfew to be in because my mum has complete trust that I will never get up to any 'unwholesome activities'. If I had any sense I wouldn't too, because she ever finds out she will kill me. However, she has found out about the drinking, but is ok with it (very, very strange).
  • Yes. (This incident happened around a year ago.) I once trusted my friend to keep my pocket-watch which has been in my family for around 6 generations (That is around 450 years) with him for some time. But he took it and left. I called him. We talked for some time and when I asked him about the knife he immediately cut the phone. I tried calling him back but no one picked up the phone. Around two months later, when I was waiting at the Railway Station to pick up my Aunt, I thought I saw a familiar face. When I went closer to see who it was, it was my friend. Then I said hello to him thinking "Aw what the heck, I'll forgive him." But he replied "Who are you?" I couldn't believe that he blankly refused of even knowing me. I was taken aback. Even his parents were surprised at his answer because I used to visit his house often. I was so shocked I didn't even notice that my aunt had for long been calling me. A friend who I had known for nearly all my life......refused to even know me. Even remembering the incident makes me realise the fact that not everyone can be trusted. It makes me realise that anyone, no matter rich or poor, can be betrayed. It makes me realise everyone has a child deep within his heart who cries bitterly at the cruelty of this world. I just hope that nobody gets such a friend. Nobody in this whole world should get betrayed like this.
  • Yes I have had 'friends and family ' betray my trust in them . I tend to look for the good in people and that seems to make me an easy mark, New Life strategy 'Learn to say NO'
  • Yes, it has happen to me. It is something I am still dealing with. I am trying, though I don't think I will ever forget.
  • I have had at least 2 people who were very special to me betray my trust. One of them cheated and then lied about it and the other one blantantly lied to me.
  • My trust has been betrayed a few times, which has made me very wary of relationships with the opposite sex. I have never betrayed anyone and never would, because I know what it has done to me and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.
  • I think anyone who denies either is fooling themselves. If you can make amends, do so. If you cannot, ask God's forgiveness and determine not to do it again.
  • yes I have a teacher of spiritual quality who I trusted totaly I belived all she said after all she was and is a nun. and she lied to me 2 lies that caused great loss of faith and continues to cause much mental and bodily suffering I continue to wonder if my spiritual path is all based on lies and a teacher who lies. this same teacher betrayed me to a tormentor and then stood and laughed at me with him.

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