• I think so! Think of us children! ;[
  • well I don't want to be banned at 26 but...
  • yes, because of passive smoking..
  • Yes that is good a gesture from the part of govt. but it won't stop smoking.
  • No. Neither should salt, CO2, or pizza.
  • Yes, since most smokers I've observed don't use the ash trays in their cars, or think of the people who they affect with secondhand smoke. It they were more thoughtful, I think I wouldn't be so against it.
  • No - do you think chocolate should be banned - causes equal number of health issues is does water and pretty much everything in this world.....!!!
  • No one can take the right to decide from people. If someone wants to smoke, it is their choice. Personally, I do not smoke, but not everyone think the same way and we need to respect that. Still, what needs to be "controlled" to some degree is the public places were smokers can have their smoking activity.
  • In public places YES. In private not. Since they banned Smoking in buildings in the UK people have started walking down pavements, (sidewalks), smoking. My daughter has been burnt by someone holding a cigarette on the pavement. And why is it that smokers litter the streets with their butts... it's still rubbish!
  • NO, I'd go crazy. Me without a cigarette is like letting a mass murderer go free with a machine gun
  • Yes, because "The cigarette does the smoking - you're just the sucker" So ban the smoking.
  • I don't think it should be banned. If it is banned then I will have to stop smoking. So it wouldn't really bother me if it was, once I'd gotten over the withdrawal symptoms.
  • No, it's a persons choice what they decide to do to their bodies. It's also their responsibility to face the consequences.
  • No. I think people who want to keep banning everything need to be banned.
  • In public places, yes. Otherwise no. I do think cigarettes should be heavily taxed.
  • Yeah, sure, ban smoking if ..... Farting in public places is banned, Wearing too much perfume is banned, Bringing your dog out to shop with you is banned, Screaming, tantrum throwing children are banned, Large SUVs with Diesel Engines are banned, Whining about "YOUR" health is banned, Throwing to go cups out of car windows is banned.
  • I believe that smoking should be ILLEGAL in ALL Public places ... and anywhere there is a child under the age of 16 .... as the 2nd hand smoke in a home is just as deadly to a young person .... However; If you are in a household of adults and wish to smoke .. go for it .... I agree that Tobacco Products neeed to be TAXED very heavily ... about DOUBLE what they are now ..
  • yeah. i dont smoke, but both of my parents do, and most of my friends moms. smoking gives you yellow teeth, yellow nails, it rots your brain until black, it rots your lungs the same, and they make you smell, etc... etc... etc...
  • If it were made illegal, people would find a way to do it anyway, just like prohibition. And you know what problems that caused. People should try to quit. Everyone knows smoking is not a healthy practice. If no one smoked, then they wouldn't have to make it illegal.
  • i wish it could be, but realistically it cant be, because too many people are addicted to it.

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