• They are the farthest away from your heart.
  • caus your not wearing any socks. lol And something to do with heat rising, most of your body heat is realeased from the top of your head.
  • Put socks on.
  • i don't have an answer for your question but i have a solution i found out on my own. Hope it helps. Do lots of walking during the day. At night, your feet won't feel cold. In my case, i figure it could be lack of exercise and maybe poor blood circulation. Another thing, avoid 'cold' food 'cold food' as in food that can cause your body to feel cold As an example, Watermelon and young coconut are considered 'cold food' Starfruit is a 'hot food' --> so at least eat 1 starfruit a day
  • It is usually a sign of poor circulation.
  • Because your feet were meant to take abuse. lol

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