• I was on the local radion station once with my daughter. They wanted ideally three generations of the same family to talk about their love of reading and what books they liked. My mum was supposed to have come too but she ducked out at the last minute.
  • I was broadcasting from the SS Milwaukee after they took it out of mothballs.
  • a radio station called me up and asked me a question if i answered correctly i would win a prize i answered wrong
  • yeah giveing g an interview on how o.j. was guilty the 1st time!!!!
  • I was on for awhile - it was a trip! won't tell you what I was doing
  • Does a photofit of me on CrimeWatch count?
  • Yes, waving frantically in the background and sporting a "Hi Mum" sign behind the presenters of Nickleodeon at the Trocadero, London. This was going back a fair few years.
  • Yes. I was on two-state TV. They caught me coming out of Wal-Mart. (yeah, go ahead and laugh). It was an opinion survey about some local thing. I thought I gave a very erudite comment on the whole matter, but they only gave me twenty seconds of air time. I didn't even get my "fifteen minutes of fame". (lol) But I was recognized by many in town and I thought I would never hear the last of it....
  • What WAS you doing?
  • front row of a festival, screaming like a banshee
  • I was briefly a fill-in DJ at a local radio station in NC.
  • just the radio! hahaha but my parents where live on air when de la hoya was fighting i saw them sitting watching the box..i was like OMG those are my parents from the tv hahahahaha... and of course other ppl that kno them told them they saw them on tv on Oscar de la hoya fight...
  • I was on talk radio as a guest several times and once my speech was brodcast live from the convention center . A few times , my sermons would be broadcast on local televesion ...
  • I was a performer on a children's TV program when my brother and I demonstrated the tricks we had taught my dog. Once my Dad did a charity performance of his magic act, and I was his assistant. Once I received an award, and another time I was part of a televised square dance competition.
  • I've been LIVE on a radio show that broadcast from Charlotte, North Carolina. The host of the show loved to make fun of my Canadian accent so he would expect me to call in at least once a week to chat. It was fun!
  • i was on one of those morning tv music programmes. my friend got tickets to be in the audience. in one of the link things to the next artist i was stood right behind the presenter trying to look cool. it didnt work. also the back of my head was seen lots while people were singing. its noticable too as its bright pink

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