• No. I do it with my parents. I also do it with my brother, and grandparents. It's all based on how you're raised. I don't think it's weird if others do it, because it is based on what you grew up with, but I know more than enough people who think it's weird to kiss relatives 'inappropriately'...
  • I always kiss my mum on the cheak, and don't kiss my dad but if somebody kisses their parents on the lips, thats how they are. If somebody inteprets this as anything other than family love, then I think it's a problem on their part
  • Plain weird!
  • Depend on how old the kids are.
  • yes, i think they should kiss them on the cheeks
  • That never happened when I was a child. Mother would sit us on her lap but there were no kisses and cuddles or outward signs of affection. I think that was the way that she was brought up herself and she, simply, did not know how to show affection. Out father wasn't particularly affectionate either but, in old age I think that both of them would have liked us to show affection to them but it was very difficult to do after having the upbringing that we had. I, and 'some' of my children, are now very affectionate but we should not try to force it on anyone.

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