• Fund the hell out of new business ventures, where most of the jobs are created, let the major companies in trouble sink or swim, and fund the hell out of basic research.
  • No idea , sir ! I'm just doing my job here :)
  • First off car companies can sink, banks can sink,expect for 1 or 2 main ones fund only those business ventures which make sense. And clean out all of our political people and put in people who can do the job without robbing anything. Fox700
  • No, but how to survive and feeling ok during crisis I might be able to help...LOL
  • Nationalize the banks and take all of the bankers, Wall Street CEOs and every politician across the country and after making them give the money back, have them work on chain gangs for the rest of their lives
  • I was hoping you did, but I help some does.
  • Get rid of NASA and the Fed. Dept. of Education. There's some easy money right there.
  • We tried two separate things during the great depression. From 1929 through 1933 under Hoover, we followed the Republican theory that holding the money supply steady and reigning in government spending would cause things to fix themselves. That completely collapsed the Gross Domestic Product, produced a cascade of bank failures that eventually closed even the well run banks, and drove unemployment to a staggering 25%. So if that's the fix we are looking for, we should all write our congressmen and howl about pork and government spending. We can do it all again. FDR took office in 1933 and launched an expansion of the money supply and an aggressive government spending program called the WPA. Between 1933 and 1940 (before WWII) he got unemployment down to 10%. The GDP grew under Roosevelt and got back up to where it should have been had no depression happened, and it did so before the attack on Pearl Harbor. You'll hear Republicans and ill-informed others who just hate any government spending claiming that nobody knows what ended the depression and all sorts of other drivel. But the statistics are very clear.

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