• oh yes...several...but, they started it...
  • Uhhhh...yeah.
  • nope but i might one day and i'll be ready for it. 0]:) (the angel-devil. heh-heh.)
  • Yes, but they always threw the first punch. I swear.
  • I did one time, she came up behind me, dirty little rat, but it was only a couple of punches, fight over.
  • Yes, on court during a HS basketball game. I punched a kid who kept elbowing me in the head. I shocked myself back into reality, and as all 20 of us were group hugging at center court, pretending we knew how to fight, I was already apologizing to the guy and asking him if he was OK. I got a double technical, the only technical fouls I ever received in 6 years of JV and HS basketball. After the game when the teams were shaking hands, he and I were grinning at each other, I showed him my knuckle which was swelling, and said I think I hurt my hand on his head. He said he'd never been punched before, and it didn't hurt much, but it was really loud. We laughed and did the little pat-on-the-back hug and off we went to the lockerrooms. The next game we played was in conference playoffs. We came out for warm-ups first, we were doing drills, and my friend Rich said "Joe, check it out..." the other team started their shootaround, and the guy I punched was wearing a Green Bay Packers football helmet! I laughed loud and ran over and shook his hand. Everyone had a good laugh about it. Then they beat us by 20+ points.
  • Yeah, but it wasn't "a school fight", it was "many" school fights. I used to be extremely violent when I was a kid.
  • yeah! many times!
  • I don't think you consider what I did to that kid a fight... more like a beatdown

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