• Clear pus is good. If you're going to have pus, clear pus is the kind of have. Pus in general is not good. You should see a doctor since it has been 2 months now... your parents are aware of your piercing right? If not, now is a good time to let them know...
  • get a soap called provon (i might have spelled it wrong) use that twice a day and rinse it very well, always rinse with saline solution (for contacts) a few times a day and any time it gets sweaty DO NOT TAKE IT OUT under any circumstances until it is completely healed! navel piercings take 3 - 6 months to heal completely. its a little late for it still to be red but if the pus is clear you're ok, your body knows there is something there that it wasn't born with and its trying to wash it away, it will come to accept it in time.
  • Mine took 6 months to heal. You could try bathing it in a salt water solution (using sea salt is best).

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