• I take Seroquil :) you should be on Xanax for panic attacks. I used them, worked great
  • And you can try this while on bed( getting sleep) you keep both hand on your heart( chest) and remember your almighty.
  • Drink more.
  • take a hot bath and listen to some relaxing music before you go to bed.
  • Have a glass of water, lie in a calm place and breath deeply;0)
  • Short term solution: sleeping pills prescribed by your doctor. Long term solution: practice meditation for 30 minutes a day.
  • Some more slow deep breathing first. Grab a non fiction book (usually has less excitement in it)and lie down and just read till you are bored enough to fall asleep or fall asleep with it in your hands. Remember you are not alone, alot of people have panic attacks.
  • Xanax is highly addictive and very hard to come off of. It should be used as a last resort. Exercise helps a lot. Take a walk during the day and you'll notice less anxiety. If you're having a hard time sleeping and you can exercise in your house (whether it's aerobics or using a wii fit) then do that. If your neighborhood is safe go for a quick walk. If you live in a house, install lights around the whole house, flick them on and walk around your house. I find exercise is a great way to not only help with anxiety but it keeps me healthy as well. Good luck, anxiety isn't fun.
  • Xanax and a sleeping aid such as Lunesta or Ambien.
  • me i take prozac for mine but what helps me get to sleep is just think about good things in life and put soft music on. maybe it could help you. but when they get really bad im usually awake till i fall asleep. that helps some not much but yea.
  • Do not worrying about going to sleep as it might give you something to get more anxious about. Just carry on doing what you were doing what calmed you down and when you feel tired go to sleep and have a lie in in the morning. Of course I would not recommend doing this all the time but after a panic attack you are excused!
  • apparently bananas are a natural sedative, you could give it a try - ? :)
  • After a panic attack, I breathe out - until there is no air left in my lungs - then breathe out some more - until i am totally empty - the return to breathing normally - that helps me to relax - try it!
  • You've already got many great answers. My therapist says, "Exercise & Socialize" but when you have a slump...take a clonapin.
  • Lay in a comfortable position. Relax all of your muscles starting with your feet working your way up you your head. Take slow deep breaths while doing this.
  • go see a doctor about it
  • If you can skip the drugs and try something safer like a good video by an ASMR artist - there are several, my favorite is probably Elizabeth ASMR - with headphones. That might help.
  • I share your problem for years now. I had the smallest dose of Xanax available for a while until my doctor retired. Now I can't get it anymore. I took a fourth to a half of a pill after a panic attack but only at bed. This started in 2004, and I NEVER GOT ADDDICTED TO IT! Those who do get addicted may have addictive personality disorder in the first place. Activan can work just as well, and most doctors will prescribe it to panic attack patients. It does not have the reputation that Xanax does. Without either of those you can go natural. GABA by Source Naturals, 750mg is a very good alternative. Alone with Calcium/Magnesium capsules. They both are natures tranquilizers. My habit is to make a cup of hot cocoa and try to relax and distract myself by reading a book . Good Luck, you have my sympathy:)

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