• Please state your source.
  • Thats really disgraceful... I know that terrorist attacks may be something to worry about over there but for the love of God... Peoples lives could be saved if they stopped being so bloody paranoid! Good question +4
  • If seems very backwards to me...
  • If that is true, I think it is a little ridiculous, but at the same time how many terrorist attacks were prevented with the $161.9 billion.
  • If we didn't spend all that money to prevent terrorist attacks, they would have a chance to strike larger and larger. Plus, heart disease would be classified as "natural causes" and then it's ok to die. It's like, why do we spend so much money on police when, on average, X number of people die from murder? SHouldn't we divert all that money to cure cancer?
  • I know we need to spend money on defense. I bet there is something else that we could take from and make better use of the money. You know, like will this chicken lay a bigger egg with a colored light? ex. of course. But I think our goverment wastes a lot of money.
  • Look up and come back with correct stats! Coronary Heart Disease can be prevented in most cases, where terrorist attacks are sucker punches on people/country when it is not looking!
  • Sadly you are just stating selective statistics to make an inflamatory argument. It is a random 'conclusion' from a statistic (assuming your numbers are even correct). How about if we reverse it and say "we spend $161bn to keep 310 million Americans safe from terrorism ($519 spend per person), and spend R1,3bn each year to fight coronary heart disease ($3000 per person). Do you think we should be spending more on anti-terrorism measures? You can paint a statistical picture any way you like really.
  • The government is constitutionally obligated to protect it's citizens from enemies foreign and domestic, it is however not obligated to protect it's citizens from bad behavior or habits.
  • Oh, really? Can you provide a source backing up that statement that "on average, 70 Americans die from terrorist attacks each year"? I'm very curious to see (a) what the definition of terrorist attacks is; (b) who's perpetrating them; and (c) where they're being perpetrated.
  • What constitutes that 161.9 billion? Dept of Homeland Security, or what else? (I really don't know.)
  • your country is terrified by somthing it cant fight and kill. it can fight and kill disease,they just dont do it. at least here, we had 30 yrs of the ira to get used to it :)
  • Oooooh! Scare tactics... Wait a minute... didn't Bush use scare tactics to get the US into this war. (WMDs anyone?) Just calm down! Granted, the government is not funding a lot of Coronary Heart Research, but the many pharmaceutical companies are throwing billions into this research. How many private companies do you think are SPENDING money on the war? Okay... the pharm companies are looking for a magic pill that they can charge an arm and leg for. So there is a vested interest. But believe me... Exxon and other oil companies have a vested interest in the war and you don't see them stepping up with their checkbook. So get off the high horse and stop using scare tactics. They... scare people. Hope this helps.
  • I can't fight terrorist on my own so if the governments chooses to fund that problem, great. I can however fight heart disease by keeping my husband, son and I in great shape and health. I don't need the governments money to help me do that. Spend the money on education instead (and judging from the lack of properly spelled words on here, we need all the help we can get)

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