• Sure! In the blink of an eye. Then, I could either learn to see their point of view or do research for an upcoming expose or just destroy from within. But mostly, I would just do my job, pay my bills, and continue plotting the overthrow of the world.
  • Definitely. Not only would I be bringing in an income I need desperately, but I may be able to change a few policies, from the inside, to make things better.
  • Yes, at least for an administrative position. This would be a position with certain oversight, and hence the power to effect change (however small it might be).
  • Sure. Feeding my family takes priority over feeding my ego. I might be convinced they are correct, or I might win some hears and minds to my viewpoint.
  • Probably.
  • Without hesitation. I'm not sure what sort of company I'd have such a problem with in the first place. Alcoholics Anonymous? PETA, maybe? Of course, I could just misappropriate company funds to get scotch for me and some stray dogs!
  • I have been showing up for jury duty haven't I?
  • Depends on the mortgage arrears & how many dependents I had.
  • Yes. For reasons of solidarity with my friends and colleagues I subscribed to a plan to save jobs in my university by accepting a fellowship in South Africa while apartheid was in force, taking me off the payroll of my own university for six months. In the 1980s the government in Britain had decided that too much money was being spent on higher education and cut the funding to universities with the expectation that the universities would simply sack staff. Most academic staff had tenure and that meant that the staff could not be sacked without good cause, and good cause did not include not having the money to pay them, so the government wanted to destroy academic tenure and in common with a lot of my colleagues I valued tenure because it was the only perquisite that made the ridiculously minute salaries tolerable. So rather than accept sacking colleagues we developed a work-sharing plan, and if every academic took 6 weeks unpaid leave the books could be balanced. Of course not everybody could afford to do this, so when the invitation came to go to South Africa instead of politely refusing as I had done in previous years I accepted the fellowship. As it happened my wife also worked for my own university and she and I saved together about 36 weeks of salary, our own 12 weeks, and sufficient to cover four other colleagues who could not afford to take the leave. It was an interesting experience especially as hardly any visitors from overseas were opposed to apartheid. I was treated very generously and the people I met were mostly welcoming although a few people held me personally responsible for the concentration camps that were used to imprison Afrikaaners during the Boer Wars. The part of South Africa I stayed in was bilingual, and I took the opportunity to learn some Afrikaans. It was obvious even then that the white tribe was simply demographically swamped and apartheid was doomed, and the people I spoke to didn't care to hear this. I learnt a lot while I was there and for a biologist it was a wonderful experience of a much greater diversity of animals and plants than I had experience in Britain. Oh, yes, we won: we saved enough money that nobody had to be made redundant.
  • If it means the difference between providing food/shelter for my family and becoming homeless, you're dam* right I would. I would do anything to take care of my child..anything. The example you give doesn't pertain to me..I am pro-choice all the way. But if I were offered a job with the extreme right-wing self-righteous, sanctimonious wing of the GOP, I'd accept it and keep my opinions to myself. What I think and feel and believe is irrelevant if it is a matter of survival for my child. Happy Saturday! :)
  • Nope. Couldn't do it. Besides, that would make your "weareallhypocrites" true.
  • Yes, I would. My first duty is to put food on the table. After that, I'll worry about my other duties.
  • I'd rather flip burgers. ;-)

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