• hell no, all i would have to do is just run faster than you
  • No in the book The Lost World Jurassic Park. A guy was eaten thinking like that. The T-rex just bumped him to make sure he was there and alive.
  • Well, first you'd have to go there, and I wouldn't. I'd much rather watch it from a safe distance. But yes, I could. I know full well I can't outrun them! And I'm ready to die.
  • Tyrannosaurus was a very successful species for its time, which is why we have so many fossil specimens from around the world. Its brain was one of the largest, for a dinosaur, its eye sockets were sized and positioned similar to a hawks (proportional to its size), its olfactory cavity similar to a crocodile's, and its ears were chambered to hear low frequencies from a very long way away. It had large powerful legs, so it certainly could run faster than a human, and it's large lower mandible and razor sharp teeth meant that it was capable to devouring pretty much anything. I'd say a human's only hope facing down one of these would be to not catch its interest. Back during the tyrannosaurus's age, this predator would probably not give a human much thought, preferring to hunt hadrosaurs instead.

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