• Because they can't admit that they actually want the attention.
  • The things guys stare at can say a lot about him..if he is just full blown staring with his mouth open he must be boob impared, and it's just rude to stare...wouldn't matter who it is. Are guys not adult enough to not be aw-struck by a chest anymore?
  • Speak for yourself, I'm pretty awestruck by the chest region still. I prefer beautiful hair, pretty eyes, and luscious thighs, but if a woman is just busting out of course I'm gonna stare. It's like going to the Grand Canyon, you can't help but look at it.
  • girls with big cleavege really dont care if guys stare or not, most want them to stare. we woman flaunt what we got the girls who get mad must not appreciate there body so they dont understand how guys appreciate thier body.
  • Yeah, I don't know if they get mad when just anybody notices; just when guys who call them the TWIN CITIES stare at them. Sorry bout that, bud.
  • Because sometimes those girls aren't wearing clothes to show off their figure. They are wearing them because they need to wear something and can't help what they have. Doesn't mean they are flaunting them and resent males who think they are
  • The same reason that girls get mad when you look at their behinds when they have words written on it. To get the upper hand against guys.
  • I believe it is partly due to the "norm". When girls see other girls dressing "liberal", they begin to believe it is the norm. In thier eyes it is completely normal to show off the assets and hope/assume guys will not admire. On the other hand, the same girls that "started the norm" are probably the girls that hope and want guys to stare at what they got.
  • Because they don't want St. Paul commenting on their mini-apples, sis.
  • i personally don't get that mad if they stare, but i get mad if they say something about them! they could at least keep that to themselves! its just rude thats all. i hate when some men seem to get whores confused with ladies.
  • because a big, sweaty fat guy staring at you would annoy anyone...
  • They're not really mad.

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