• yes. on newer vehicles the brakes must be activated before you can shift to any gear or from park. if the brake switch of the brake pedal arm has failed or is mis adjusted, you will not be able to get it in gear or out of park. also check the fuse and the wiring to this switch.
  • You should be able to press on the brake, and turn the wheel all the way to the right or left, and that should disengage it. Shift interlock may be a problem, some cars I have seen a wiring problem from corroded wires in the console that shorted out the shift interlock solenoid. Raise car safely,block wheels, unhook neg on battery. If your car is equipped with a air bag ,it should be disabled by separating the bright yellow air bag connector behind the dash plastic. On the transmission there is one arm that is connected by a cable or rod. Grasp this and move it and you will be able to move from gear to gear as long as key is in the on position.Chances are the shifter cable and or linkage is broken or became unhooked.While you are under the car have a assistant move the selector while you watch the action on the arm; it probably won't move but you can trace the problem back to the selector this way. The problem may be in the column itself. I hope this helps you.

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