• It's just cultural differences. If I am not mistaken, I think it was spelled with the "u" first. It lost the u coming the America, I suppose.
  • because the people of the UK can afford the extra ink to put into the words. our ink consumption is 20% less than the UK.
  • Because a lot of us use UK English and that is how it is spelled. We do not say a lot but we still consider our spelling the correct version
  • You can say Americans are lazy or more sensible than the English. Take your pick. I am English by the way. The original spellings used the U. Americans prefer to make things easier or shorted so they dropped the Us. Colour v's color. They also use "F" instead of "PH" a lot of the time. We say Phone - Americans say Fone.. Photo, Foto... Personally I prefer the American way. Unlike the French, the British are not so inflexible with their language and as time goes on more and more of the American spellings are fully accepted. When I was at school - I would have been marked down for using Americanisms. These are now in our dictionaries as perfectly acceptable spellings. Also there is the C v's Z. Socialise or Socialize etc. both accepted here now. Texting is making everyone use even shorter spellings. E.g. txt for text. m8 for mate and so on. Disc v's disk. what is worse is when our Billion = 1 American Trillion. We now use the Americanisms more. And of course are gallons are bigger. Two countries divided by the same language.... PS Sorry about my poor typing - its not my spelling honest.!!!
  • the british are the invetors of the language. even if it is a bastard language. I am Canadian and we would still get marked wrong if spelling in american. Colour, light, zee - zed what sound better "i'd tell you what, i done just got me a camaro zee 24" or "hello (insert good anglo name here), I Have recently purchased a brand new Camaro zed24" just cause it's easier doesn't make it better masturbating is easier than sex... enough said ('nuff said)
  • I guess the language just developed differently in the UK vs. America. I prefer American spellings on some words and British on others....
  • That depends on where you're from. Some examples: centre/center fibre/fiber litre/liter theatre/theater colour/color flavour/flavor humour/humor labour/labor neighbour/neighbor
  • It is a way of secret messaging sleeper agents.

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