• The first time your little prince smiles at you it will melt your heart, anyday you might feel down and your little angel smiles at you, you feel sunshine in your heart. :)
  • Watching your child grow and learn. Watching them you realize just how much you take for granted that they find as new and exciting.
  • The first time your little prince pisses on your face when your changing him ^_^;
  • Watching your child laugh! Be ready though, it will be a handful! A huge blessing but also a huge handful.:P
  • Overcoming fear of others' poop.
  • Your own personal best friend. You can mold them into a version of you by raising them however you want(within reason of course).
  • Watching them grow and learn new things. Crying when they succeed and crying when they don't. Good luck! It is the most important job in the world!!! ~April
  • That unconditional love. No matter what you do or the child does, that love will be unbelievable. The first time you look at that baby and hold him/her you realize that NOTHING else in the world matters from that moment on but them. When they hold your finger and smile at you, you know that it just can't get any better than that. It's all unconditional love.
  • having the one person in this world that will love you no matter what
  • My first thought was ," If the thought of having a baby isn't enough of something to look forward to, perhaps rethink your plans." [ But I think the spirit of your question is hopefully based more upon what others are answering for you. Best wishes.:) ]
  • my 16 month old granddaughter
  • Getting tiny hugs and kisses! Seeing there little smiley face every morning taking care of them and seeing them grow.
  • Being loved.

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