• Yes and then what pisses me off the most is they think you are a troll for trying to help them out
  • All the time. Maybe some people haven't a single humble bone in their body or are very bad judges of character and motives of other people. They might just be too suspicious or critical of others.
  • Ive read a few like that I dont like when I answer a question with a decent reply and get abuse
  • A bit, but it's not easy to communicate with words only. All you can do is try ... there's only so much you can do here. Sometimes people have "selective" hearing and only hear what they want to hear. I would never "beat myself up" over it.
  • No, it doesn't bother me. You can only help people who want to help themselves. I always try to be helpful, and I can only control my behavior. I try to be consistently kind and sweet. At least then I can say, I know I am doing the best I can on my own end.
  • Yes, No. I tried so it does not bother me that they tell me to mind my own business. To each his own.
  • i try not to get personally involved with the questions or the answers. sometimes i fail and get hooked into a charade. i dont let it bother me. if it bothers you I suggest taking a break from this site. you are too personally involved with a non personal website.
  • yah.. cozz its hard to explain for the balance effect or result.. by the way tnx for ur ans. on my q? i love it you lessen my pain tnx..! how cn i comment to you?
  • I have had this happen and yes it does bother me. I take what I do here very seriously, although I am not always serious. Trying to help people understand, so they do not drift into a drama is a hard thing. We have a set of rules and it isn't so much they can't understand them, it is they are unwilling to accept them. The problem with people like you and I, who take time and set up helpful information in our profiles and take the time to explain things in a simple manner, is that we do not have any real authority, as we are members just like they are. Some take offensive to that, thinking we are trying to place ourselves over them. Which they could not be further from the truth. I found that a number of members that are disruptive, they do not want to know how things work, they just want to complain about others treating them badly, at the same time they want other members to over-look their own bad behavior towards others.
  • Yes and have had people get really nasty about it even though you are trying to help. I have decided that there is no point in worrying about it anymore. Some people enjoy misreading what you write it gives them a chance to cause drama or say that higher levels are picking on them.

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