• Go and find somebody new.
  • Ask yourself if there's a different path you'd rather be on. I was with someone for about four years and after we broke up I realized I wasn't doing what I wanted to be doing in life. I kinda changed who I was because I was stuck being something I didn't really want to be. So first, look into yourself and figure that out. After that.. just be you, and things will work out. (Hopefully. I'll still working on that myself.)
  • Whatever you do, do not look for a replacement, you will end up settling for second best, or not seeing the next person, for who they are, because you are more concerned about being lonely. This is very hard, but I would wait until at least 6 months, to get serious with anyone, it will be time for your heart to heal, and your eyes to focus on what is what. So sorry this is happening to you!!!
  • BE single. That's where your personal unfolding finds you in this moment so there must be purpose in it that is ultimately positive. If you try to feel , nurture and enlarge the feelings you think you'd feel if you were in a relationship then you'll become a magnet for new and healthy relationships.
  • It's a funny thing but try and enjoy yourself as much as possible. Someone will see you enjoying yourself and they will be compelled to join you. I believe this is the best way to go about it.
  • I have had relationships from high school and college, I met a woman and got married, that last thirteen years, I had two girlfriends after the divorce I have been divorced 6 years now and everytime I get into a relationship, I always end up single. My last girlfriend left me 5 months ago and I am really asking myself the same question ...Now What? I have been going out having fun and searching for someone new and I have been talking to women all over, but it just ain't working out for me.. But you are young enough you don't have a worry in the world, beside at your age, be single for a while it may do some good. I do know exactly how you feel. I'm there!!!
  • I am going through the same thing...2 1/2 year relationsip...was dumped about a month ago. I have just been hanging out with friends and going out alot. Try to keep yourself busy...and try not to talk about him too much. Stay happy...or pretend to be happy when you are around people...after awhile you will actually be happy. Talking to guys again is sooo hard. You basically have to relearn everything that you knew 2 years ago about dating/flirting. Don't rush into anything and take your time. It will be uncomfortable and it may hurt being with another guy and wanting him...but in time it will get better(even though I hate it when people tell me that:) ). I will leave you with words my mom told me "fake it til you make it"

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