• he shouldnt of throwing you out of the house . but any one can like a type of music black/white there arent pacific type of people that all like same type music
    • Bootsiebaby
  • Well, I don't think you should be throwing around racist comments too casually, but it sounds like he has some anger management issues. Maybe you should tell him to work out his own life before letting him into yours.
  • Sounds like he overreacted. I do disagree with your opinion, though. Check out the bands Bad Brains and Whole Wheat Bread.
  • If he physically hurt you, then yes. Otherwise it just sounds like he's an overreacter and he needs to work on that weakness.
  • Sounds like he has a temper problem. I won't wait for it to get worse.
  • More importantly though, did you then barge in and demand to use Answerbag to see how to respond??? :)
  • i think that you should be careful when saying something is "white" just the same as it would be the other way around. I do think he may have over reacted, though you need to see it from his point of view. Either way, it's about how you feel about him. Is the issue really that big?
  • Do you want this relationship to be long term because I guarantee there are gonna be other issues that you guys disagree on simply because of where you come from & if he goes as far as to put you out because of your difference of opinion then, i dont know...I would really reconsider how much to invest in this seems a little pointless!
  • This would be a tough situation to be in for sure, I do agree that kicking you out of the house was extreme and uncalled for. What i don't understand is him saying you "Deserved it for not dropping it", I see nothing in your statement that says you were badgering him about it.. I have a few friends that i make open jokes about like "Oh that music is so ghetto", Pretty similar stuff to what you said, But they know i'm just messing around with them and don't take it to heart. I'd sure hope that if they did get offended they would talk to me about it, But that was never the case. Him getting that upset over the comment though means that he has some type of sensitivity to it, He definitely needs to get this sorted out so it doesn't happen again.
  • Music knows no color. I say that was a dumb reason fight to begin with and you guys fight over petty stuff like that, maybe you should end it.
    • Bootsiebaby
      Guys? Surely islandgirl is a girl, not a guy.
  • Yeah, he's got issues if he got that upset over it! But a lot of people are overly sensitive about racial issues. Anytime someone says that "X" is a "white/black" something, someone else will take it as a racist remark, even if it isn't meant as such. A thought to ponder: how would you react if someone told you that rap was black music? (keeping in mind that the most famous rap artist of all is white).
  • You are wrong. Check out "Ska" music. Punk and Ska and Reggae are very closely linked from a music evolution point of view. That was a racist statement from you. And rather ignorant. Racism is a two way street you know. In a mixed relationship like the one you two have, you need to work out some boundaries when it comes to comments like that or other cultural issues or it will continue to be a problem. I hope you work things out though. Would be a shame to end a relationship on a misunderstanding like that.
  • Punk music probably is mostly for pimply whites. You should end it. He sounds like he takes shit way too personally.
  • 2-18-2017 Ok, he has an anger management problem and you have a foot in the mouth problem. You both definitely should tell each other to get lost and then work on better manners. Maybe you can be friends again in some rosy future.
  • Yes, you should end it. You are obviously not suited for each other.
  • i would end it, i wouldnt let someone treat me like that

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