• Me! :D
  • Some of them, sure.
  • All the time at a small local theater.
  • All the time, they capture up and comming actors when they are still hungry for the prize. Right on the cusp, you know what I mean
  • I really have no idea what an independent film is anymore. Even low budget ones tend to have at least one star, get pumped up in all the "alternative" news sources, and are widely known by a certain niche of film goers. As to the kinds of movies that are generally called "Independent," yes, I agree you tend to get the largest percentage of the year's excellent movies from that category. I just dislike the term "Indie" or "Independent" when it comes to a well established, well funded and well recognized genre.
  • I do not understand what you are meaning but I know a net site there you can see many good films
  • I do, I do! Since most people won't recognize the ones I love, here are some that crawled into the mainstream: Sideways Little Miss Sunshine Crash Slumdog Millionnaire See a trend?
  • I do. Some of the best films I've seen in the theaters were at Indi theaters.
  • I do not love watching independent films but I do not mind doing so. I remember it was in Australia that I have done so.
  • They are my favorite films. I wish we had a theater here that specialized in them like there was back in California. But the only one here burned down 2 months before we moved here. I don't think much quality or interesting films come from the large studios. It's j8ust all flash and big stars and no substance.

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