• Depends on the month...sometimes none, sometimes a dozen or more. . I use the library extensively, especially for audiobooks as I am on the road a lot. Audiobooks are way too expensive for me to buy new and listen to only once or twice. . I do, however, have a few authors and series that I routinely keep track of for new publications to buy.
  • 0 zero
  • 5. One cookbook and 4 mangas.
  • the amount varies each month....this month I bought 2 so far.... Essential Rumi by Coleman Barks, Jalal Al-Din Rumi, Coleman Barks (Translator), John Moyne (Translator) and- Divided Soul: The Life of Marvin Gaye by David Ritz
  • i buy 11 books this 21 feb after a year.i use to reading now on internet.internet kill my reading habbit of book.internet,4newspapers watching tv only.
  • I used to buy anywhere from 0-10 books a month. But, these days I've been trying to save money (gonna buy a house!) so I've been frequenting the library. I just find books I want to read in the same ways I used to (online, or browsing bookstores) and then instead of buying them, I request them on my library's website. When it's available, they put it on hold for me and send me an email - then I just have to pick it up. Free is good.
  • It depends, usually 3 or 4, I just inhale them - I love to read :)
  • None usually... I make use of my local library
  • about 5 a month. Thankfully we have a used book store near my house so i dont have to spend a fortune.
  • That varies from 3 to 30, depending on budget and opportunity.
  • See how much we all read? AB folks are the uber-intellectual crowd on the internet ... with the possible exception of all the women not using birth control who are having sex and have missed a period and are using AB to see if they are pregnant. I've been listening to books on Audible via my iPod lately. I get tired of NPR and I canceled XM because of all the commercials. I know it's not READING but I get through a few more books per month.
  • Three books especially if the author has a book that I never knew about makes me want to buy it more :)
  • Three or four normally. I am an avid reader.
  • None. I get a lot for free though, library, gifts, etc.
  • So many. A month?...maybe 10 or more. Most often pick them up at the used bookstore. I LOVE to read, voraciously,read the newspaper every morning,snag magazines at the gym (I do bring them back) and go to the library at least once a week. It's wonderful.

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