• A big bouquet of flowers and an apology is a good place to start. However, I'm sure your sister knows you didn't mean to break her nose. Try to cut yourself a little slack. Accidents happen.
  • depends on how old she is
  • Apologize first. Tell her you are sorry for about the accident. Assure her there is nothing to worry about. Assure her she will get an even more beautiful looking nose with plastic surgery. Tell her you will take care of everything. Keep her in good mood with the pleasent changes in you.
  • Buy her a pony.
  • Get her a pair of nose-moustache-glasses. Tell her it'll make her look better than she currently is.
  • well, don't get her a mirror
  • I am so sorry. My son was all boy and broke his several times. It is ugly though but I think it is mostly inherited. Anyway, give her some chocolates or a bath set (bubbles, soaps, gels) and a card. The card will probably mean more to her than anything.
  • For the rest of your natural life, treat her as though she is a true blessing to have as a sister, short term, if she wants something, and you have the money, buy it for her.
  • afurbie, it will creep her out to the point she wont even care about her nose. but seriosly: an ice pack at first, then something she can wear to make her feel less self-aware. like a silly out-fit. all depends on age but a holloween costum may help. let her put make-up on you for 1 hour, then she can take 1 pic. trust me, to a kid sis that is the best you can offer. my baby sis(now 17) still has an embarassing pic to black mail me with.
  • a new nose maybee only joking
  • I take it you are older than her? Give her something she has always wanted of yours. I am a little sister and there was always something I wanted that was belonged to my sister Angel. :o)
  • Get her a journal with a lock on it.
  • Take her to Sanrio, and I'll tag along! :) Small gift big smile is their motto! :) Plus, its not too expensive!
  • My brother accidently broke all the fingers on my right hand. He felt so bad. And for me that was plenty. It made me feel bad that he felt so bad. It was just an accident... s--- happens. I was 7 he was 11. So he couldn't do much. But if you are older and have a job or some money, I say get her a jewelry gift. A necklace w/her birthstone maybe? Something that will last forever like that would be very sweet.

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