• Belief is taught. Lack of belief is self empowerment.
  • It is natural to believe in God. Atheists must deny their natural instincts.
  • Belief in a diety is learned. The default position is non-belief. That is why parents can write whatever religious indoctination they want on the blank slate that is their child. - In my personal experience, I decided I was an atheist after I unlearned my childhood indoctrination.
  • In some cases yes, in other cases no, for both questions. I know some people who were born into extremely religious families, but when they reached adulthood, they chose not to follow those beliefs and became agnostic. Conversely, I know people raised in non-religious/Atheist homes that grew up and embraced religion as an adult and became a fervent believer. It is a difficult question to answer. I can't understand why some people have such a burning faith in God and His existence, and others have such a burning faith in His non-existence. Very interesting to me.
  • Both. Catholics believe the desire for God is written in the human heart, because each person is created by God and for God; and God never ceases to draw each person to himself. Children are born as pagans thinking that their parents are gods. Because of the desire for God, Theism (including Christianity) is easily passed along and Atheism, also taught, is much harder. Each new generation and each new person is evangelized anew. For more information, see the Catechism of the Catholic Church, section 27: With love in Christ.
  • Belief is taught.... or adopted at some point in the person’s life...
  • The tenets of beliefs are taught. However, one's belief in and of itself is felt. One can teach another his/her belief, but it will not become that latter person's belief until he/she feels that is. (That answers question one.) In my opinion, atheism is the state of not feeling the beliefs that are taught by all the different belief systems.
  • belief is taught- after all what would you believe in if you werent taught religions. youd have to make up some crazy shit. well i guess i just described religions. atheism can be taught also, or one can figure it out on his/her own.
  • Babies are not born with beliefs. They are born in the default condition, pure, "tabula rasa," without beliefs. This is one definition of atheism (a-theism). Beliefs are taught (imposed upon) kids by humans.
  • Belief in things for with there is no evidence, like gnomes, god(s) and fairies is taught. How else would people come up with such ideas? :-) +5
  • Belief is not taught, is ingrained by a long process of brainwashing. Everyone is born Atheist and, if left to their devices with no outside influence, they would live their lives and die being so. Atheism is a natural state, theism is not
  • Belief is taught, atheism is default.
  • Like most people, I was born naked, and an atheist. I was then clothed and brainwashed. Now I have reverted to my natural state, and will die that way. The only difference between my death and my birth is that, hopefully, I will die clothed. In short: Atheism is natural. "Belief" is something that is etched into the brain by outside sources. +5
  • Atheism is learned/after belief. Your are not aware of atheism or what it means to be an atheist till after your learn of the belief you were taught.
  • Both are taught. Atheism is believing that there is no God, NOT simply being ignorant, as some would have you believe. There is no default belief system. A person is neither a theist nor an atheist naturally. BOTH are belief systems and are thus taught in some way.

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