• I hadn't heard of this brand until I read your question. I did a little looking. They appear to be a very basic, entry level guitar. As a rule with guitars, you get what you pay for. These units price out at between $200 and $500 US. I would say a better investment for this kind of money would be a good used name brand rig. Again, I have no specific knowledge of this brand, this is my opinion as a luthier.
  • you'd get more info googling your question instead of posting it at general forums. You'd be amazed what info is there, and merely googling finds it ;) And I point this out because you dont want just a guess or generalizing. You wanna find the guy who really knows his shit about these. Right? What prompted this inquiry, did you do get one? or youre thinking of buying one? My suggestion is try playing several guitars. See which feels "right" in your hands, see which tunes easily and stays in tune. see which plays like butter, versus which require a struggle (you know, different guitars have different necks...they come wider, taller, and with varying width frets, and even the fret bars can be too tall sometimes (yet someone else may like that. You gotta let playing a guitar decide, not so much the info on them. PLUS does it have humbuckers or single cores? (unless youre going to play hard rock or metal you may like single cores better. Humbuckers can be muddly sounding to try and play through them clean). Does it have a whammy? Is it gonna stay in tune or will that situation be hopeless and endlessly frustrating? If you havent got enough savvy to determine all this, get someone who knows guitars to go and try it too, and tell you what he thinks on these matters. In the end, take your best shot, you can always trade up later, if you want better guitar after a while. (Dont rely on trade value too much though, they dont pay a lot ;)

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