• An anarchy party would kind of be a contradiction in terms. Anarchy means the resistance of or absence of any rules, government, and organization. A party is a group of people who share some set of ideals on the way things should be run.... so anarchists wouldn't want to participate in such a thing.
  • At first, I thought, OK that just doesn't make sence. Then I heard one of the things they did as an example of their core beliefs. Apparently, there was a dispute over some guy needing to dig a well. The local government wouldn't allow him the permit, so he had to go to town to purchase his water (apparently, city services didn't extend to his area). The "Anarachy" Party had a vote, consisting of over 4000 participants, and unanimously decided to dig the well for the guy without the county's permission. The county, afraid of the negetive press they would receive over the incident if it went public, let it go. They are the "Anarchy" Party because they will mobilize their numbers for the purpose of breaking laws and regulations on the side of right, according to popular opinion amongst their members.
  • An Anarchy political party is an oxymoron.
  • have any of you read "anarchism: a history of libertarian ideas" or anything about anarchism other than what other people tell you? obviously not, anarchism in the idealogical sense is not absence of organization it is absence of imposed organization, and imposed laws, in anarchy you could not impose laws but you could propose laws to the community and if it was a good idea it would be a law, free association is natural and anarchists could organize and form groups and parties without any contradiction, you guys are all looking at anarchy in a literal sense not a idealogical sense. please do not propagate this common misconception any longer. -thank you
  • Ever read The Lord of the Flies?

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