• Yes. Pink poodle, pink chickens. I've even seen a blue Great Dane. They sell all sorts of neat hair color products for dogs these days.
  • Yes in Paris a few years ago, poor creature. I think it was male and pink was not yet in as a colour for males
  • Gibraltar, yes And in South Korea here we find dogs of all kinds with their head and ears dyed to any kind of bright colours. God knows who gives their owners such stupid 'bright' ideas.
  • yip, i live in South africa and our neigbour had a pink french poodle, poor think, she even painted her toe nails pink
  • I've seen pink,blue,green,orange and yellow one's.
  • I have not seen a pink poodle, but i did have a husky shepherd mix that was pink. Well, he was white, and we were going to dye him red for Halloween. We were using kool-aid and food coloring, and ran out before his coat was saturated with color. I forgot to take into account how thick a dogs coat is!! He was pink for about 3 months after that!
  • no, but I would love one!
  • No, but suprisingly i saw a (almost) every color of the rainbow one! That is sad, (I went to paris for 2 years a while ago)
  • Yes, once and it looked as odd as you would imagine.

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