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  • I was polite and asked them to join in.
  • Oh yes once when I was going at it with my chick on the couch and her parents walked in on us . They didnt seem to mind and left us alone . They knew I was banging her and I often slept over in her bedroom . Once got to fuck her mother as well when her dad was away on business and she was as good as her daughter
  • We didnt get cought by her parents(which they didnt care that we were fucking) but we got cought by her sister. my gf was sittin on my lap facing away from me while sittin on the couch. Her sister came in the front door and seen us. we just kept on fucking, her sister sat down and watched us and they carried on a converstion while i was fucking her. I am sure that her sister had her eyes fixed on my cock going in and out of her sisters pussy right in front of her. when we got done fucking she got off my cock put her panties and jeans back on then i stood up pulled my stuff back on. I watched her sister eyes look at my cock as i stood up and put it away. then we just went on like nothing happend.
  • no. and please don't use bad language, even in the adult section.

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