• fuel? actual gasoline in the tank? fuel filter clogged?
  • Possibly a fuel problem. First - ckeck your fuel pump to make sure it,s spitting fuel - if it is, you,re fine so then you should check your fuel pump filter - almost ALL engines have them. Simply remove the filter and blow air through it - if you cant freely blow air through it, it means it,s clogged and it has to be replaced. Good Luck!
  • crank and turn over is the same thing assuming you mean crank (turn over) but will not start and run? Some components are associated with cranking and other are associated with starting and running of the engine. Battery, battery cables, starter relay, and starter all associated with cranking and should not have been replaced? Spark plugs and wires, iginition coil other electrical and sensors components along with the fuel system are associated with starting and running, What could it be? Check the OBDII codes

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