• We live in an ancient house. But that doesn't happen to us.
  • at the cottage i think i could if i want to
  • I know all about this. Your house was probably built pre-1940. At that time, ordinary houses has three fuses for the whole house with maybe a 50 amp fuse box. It used to be enough, but people have a lot more electrical stuff than they used to. By comparison, we have a 200 amp box. Four times bigger than the old ones. This problem is always the worst in the kitchen which typically has several devices with motors and/or heaters, both of which draw a lot of power and should not be on the same circuit. More than likely, it's not just these two devices on the circuit but something else, like the refrigerator. Some people put bigger circuit breakers in the box to fix the problem, but that is a house fire waiting to happen. It's expensive to fix, but it can be done.
  • It is because you have a 60 amp entrance. In order to have various appliances operating at the same time you will need to upgrade your present 60 amps to 100 amp.I have the same problem here. We have a 60 amp entrance in our home and it will trip the breaker if I have the electric fireplace and the microwave on at the same time.100 amp entrance will give you more power to operate more things.In my area it costs about $1000. to upgrade to 100 amps.
  • My husband said install a bigger breaker and it will stop doing that. :o) I know it must be a pain! :o)
  • Yes, our rental house has that kind of problems. We had an electrician go in and add some circuits, which cost several hundred dollars. The renters still manage to create problems with plug in heaters in their rooms, and all kinds of other appliances.
  • Yep... Aluminum wiring, mostly non-grounded (well, without the third plug-hole). I found that if I use both large burners on the stove, and run the oven, it will blow that circuit, but my wife's found if running the stove and microwave, that it will pop another one. :-P I've been wanting to rewire my whole house for some time, but money says, "No you don't". LOL

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