• That I do understand, as I am to that point now. i am just here and no longer have a purpose. I am just waiting for the Lord to decide it is my time.
  • Nobody gives up on life. They give up on themselves. When you can no longer trust yourself to move in a meaningful direction, helplessness and despair are natural outcomes and suicide may seem a reasonable solution. Sometimes when someone "hits bottom" like that, they find their way through the mess and come out recognizing their own responsibility for making life turn out. They make a choice, and their life changes. Sometimes they don't. I never try to "cheer up" someone who is suicidal. I focus on being present and available and having some compassion, but trying to turn their head back toward the mirror: it is their choice to live or not. If they choose to live, it is their choice what to make of their lives. Personal responsibility is the only legitimate way out of such a crisis.
    • Roaring
  • If they have truly given up, there is nothing you can say.
  • Here, take a hit from the bong.
  • Keep hope alive! Peace and Love =)
  • the same thing my boss at the italian restaurante always said... "you're still alive?" I know he was happy that I always showed up for work on time but what a fucked up way to show his appreciation... that and "every time I see you, you are chewing" were his catch phrases... I wonder now if he was poisoning the food or had a great sense of humor and humility.
  • I care about you and do not want you to give up. Then I would find ways or different interests to give them a different outlook and some hope. The problem is I don't like to give up on someone and will keep trying for them. This has happened to me in life. I would say we all have problems and troubles. It is hard to say this to someone who is in a lot of pain.
  • The first thing would be to induce that person to take charge of himself.If he has given up totally then to tell him to give the charge of his life to someone else.Those who are believers,we can tell them to give the charge to the God they believe in and live life as if that God owns it.If he is a non believer then he has to give his power of attorney to someone he trusts in like a friend or spouse!Let them decide what he should do or not!As a last recourse take medical help or if nothing works let them get spiritualhelp!
  • I've given up on life tons of times. Each time I got depressed, reclusive, and lied in bed sleeping a lot. A few weeks later I would have a flash of hope an find something to aspire to, motivating me to get my life on track again. Figuratively, I suppose I died and got another chance. It's better to get depressed and sleep it off then kill yourself, and that's usually how I approach this issue. Saying stuff like "you have so much to live for!" doesn't help. If they saw that, they wouldn't be at the point of suicide. Most people who say they are going to kill themselves usually are simply looking for attention, cannot cope with issues facing them, or a combination of the two. Most real suicides come unannounced and unexpected. I had an uncle who was a rather successful accountant with a family and kids. One day just went behind the shed and blew his brains out during the middle of dinner. No note, no major event, just woke up one day and decided he was done with life. I suppose I can relate in a way.
  • just keep on going and trying hard and know that someone out there loves you and wants you to suceed. :D i promise.
  • Go to a Doctor , he may be able to help with proper meds.
  • Can I have all your posessions and money? Maybe they'll see the humor in it and smile. If not I'd ask them why they think they're so special to feel that way to make that decision and possibly take their own life. And maybe what do they think would make it better?
  • Life is priceless, its not worth it to unleash your soul for it. Everyday I'm like a soldier Waking up within the battle And through the haze I live a dream that's better Than What I feel inside......
  • Read this:
  • Life is precious and far too short as it is...get on with it and make the most..
  • What I say would depend on what the other is saying about giving up? First step for me is to listen deeply and convey that you hear the person where they are. (not where I think they should be)

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