• Yes eventually it will get better. and you will find another to love :)
  • It took years for me. But it does stop, and I was able to love again. Hang in there. We love you.
  • honestly? when you stop feeling sorry for yourself and focus on now instead of then, yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, thats why they call it the present.
  • Oh well I am not going to be much help to you one this one. I always love everyone forever... It is a character flaw of mine. I never have been able to forget anyone that I really have loved. I have been able to move on to new things after sometime. Smile George we love you :)
  • My love died 20 years ago and I can't forget/The pain is gone but the absense is a constant!
  • Its possible but you have to get over it. My father took years to get over it when my parents divorced. I perosnally just ended my short marriage in annulment and I at times feel lonely and still in love. But I have gotten over it slowly. You will too mate.
  • George your comment to HH is exactly how I feel. Life is pretty good but I still think about him. I spent half my life with him and have two kids so it's hard to let it all go. But.. I have met a wonderful man and it is headed to permanence. But the ex is always there. I am working on excising him but he's a constant presence for the kids. It's going on 4 years and the pain is still here. I wish I could tell you otherwise.
  • I am sorry, it must be very difficult for you. They say times heals but you are an example of how sometimes it takes more than just time. I don't have an answer as everyone handles pain differently. I just wanted to say, I am sorry and to take care.
  • from what i have heard you never really stop hurting. but when ppl say that time heals all things i beleive that there is some truth to that. but i thing that we just end up copping with it more then getting oveer it. sorry if i wasnt very positive
  • maybe you need to realize shes probably not thinking about you
  • No. Just have a child and you will know love again.
  • When you get into therapy and choose to stop the pain.

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