• Grandma Moses the painter was 75.
  • Maybe that "Where's the Beef?" lady?
  • Burt Mustin
  • On Northern Exposure..I believe the actress who played the part of the store owner..I think she was in her 60's when she hit it big on that show..she died a few years ago and it saddened me greatly. :(
  • Liz Smith began her acting career at 50. Late blooming artists are even more common. In addition to Grandma Moses, Bill Traylor who started drawing at age 83 and Alfred Wallis who began painting after his wife's death in his 60s. When it comes to writing, there are legions. Mary Wesley wrote two children's books in her late fifties, but her writing career did not gain note until her first novel at 70, written after the death of her husband. Harriet Doerr published her first novel at age 74. Laura Ingalls Wilder did not publish her first novel in the Little House series of children's books until her sixties. Children's author Mary Alice Fontenot wrote her first book at 51 and wrote almost thirty additional books. Kenneth Grahame wriote The Wind in the Willows. Richard Adams's first novel, the bestseller Watership Down, was published when he was in his fifties. The Marquis de Sade published his first novel, Justine, after turning 51. Raymond Chandler published his first short story at 45, and his first novel, The Big Sleep at 51.
  • If people who became famous only after their death count, then I'd say Emily Dickinson is someone who fits this category. She was born in 1830 and lived until 1886, but only was famous since 1924. In music, Franz Schubert is an example. He was born in 1797 and died in 1828, but only found fame commercial success around 1900. In art, Paul Gaugin found fame only after death. He was born in 1848 and died in 1903, but he gained in popularity from 1910 when his art was displayed with the works of other Post-Impressionist works. But the biggest boom in his popularity occurred in 1942 when the film, "The Moon and Sixpence," based on a novel by W. Somerset Maugham about Gaugin, aired.
  • I feel like I hear about new older indie singers all the time. It is most definitely possible! Talent is ageless!!!!!
  • Anne Ramsey from 'Goonies' and 'Throw Mam From the Train'

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