• This is intended as a Public Announcement. Please give it your attention. On January 31, 2008, a fellow ABer known as Scrappy's Mom was cloned. Due to the nature of the question posed, the masquerader gained a great deal of public attention so NEGATIVE in nature that it threatens to tarnish the reputation of the real Scrappy's Mom. See here: This cannot happen! The real Scrappy's Mom has not logged on to Answerbag since January 26, 2008. She is undeserving of this negative attention and had no part in the events of January 31, 2008. I want to personally and publicly make my apologies to Scrappy's Mom for my involvement in that event. In the final links below I have provided proof of Scrappy's Mom's utter lack of involvment or knoweldge of the event. For my ignorance concerning cloning I make no excuses. However, I have begun to educate myself so that I might turn this into a learning experience and draw something positive from it. I hope others might do the same. I have provided a few short links for my fellow ABers should this be the case: The best thing you can do is go to the profile of the clone, even though it changed its name: . In the feedback you can tell that it cloned Scrappy. Put Scrappy's profile in there: . ... and, in the feedback report provide the screenshot I took when the clone had the cloning profile up: *Thanks to Arisztid for my education on cloning and for providing the final three links above.
  • oh my god.very intelligent person can give answer.really u got wonderful brain.u should give thanks to god
  • Thanks for the info Phillis! So that is what happened last night.
  • I've seen this happen on other sites .Its terrible how a reputation earned over months of hard work is just shredded for somebody's perverse amusement.
  • I actually have 2 clones (Miss Anubis is Relaxed & Miss Anubis Anxiety Attacks Suck) but thankfully both accounts appear to have zero activity, I hope my fellow AB'ers educate themselves in checking the levels and info on the page of the offender to be sure if it really is who the user claims to be.
  • Nice catch, and thanks for clearing that up, Phillis. I have been aware of the cloning issue ever since someone mentioned it to me in my first month on AB.
  • Wow. I've had that happen at Yahoo Answers. Not pleasant.
  • I'm not interested in what happens if I am cloned. I mean... anyone can try to be... assuming that's what it means. And the thing is, I would rely on my reputation and my absolutely stringently respectful and kind nature to show my true colors in the end. Anything can happen online, and I'd like to think that goodness and quality always shines through. I don't know what happened to Scrappy, and I don't need to know. She's still my friend.
  • Wow. I'm so sorry to hear that Scrappy's mom, and no worries, I don't think anyone will fall for it. Kudos to Phillis for doing such a great job catching up to this. ...I almost had that happen to me before, someone tried to create a profile with my name. Apparently I'm like the dollar bill; fucking idiots can't copy my cool :P lol

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