• Are the parties will to submit to the test? Any question about them changing their mind at the last minute? Why the urgency about the situation if the players are known?
  • He needs to be prepared to plunk down some cash for an attorney on retainer. This may vary from state to state, but essentially, he needs to communicate his desire to the mother and see if she will consent willingly. If not, he has to take her to court where they will court order the test, and he still has to pay for it (around $600). He does NOT have to sign the birth certificate, period. The deadline is very unreasonable. He should have been on this months ago unless he wasn't told.
  • Since you don't know if you actually will need to go to court, I think the best thing would be to do a peace of mind private test. The man does NOT have to sign the birth certificate if he does not want to (though peer pressure is a strong force right there), and signing a week after the baby is born (and getting the results back around that time) should not be too much of an issue. Now, if the mother is unwilling to let you do a paternity test, simply don't sign and if she goes to court, you don't pay for the test (unless it comes out positive, then you're screwed), however she will definitely not let you back into the house after that.
  • probably a doctor to get the dna test done

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