• Alot.I know I have.
  • EEOC Sexual Harassment Claims: 2006 Statistics(U.S Stats) Total Claims filed 12,025 % of Charges Filed by Males 16.0% Claims Resolutions by Type: Number Percent Settlements 1,571 13.6% Withdrawals w/Benefits 1,177 10.2% Administrative Closures 2,804 24.2% No Reasonable Cause 5,273 45.5% Reasonable Cause 767 6.6% Successful Conciliations 282 2.4% Unsuccessful Conciliations 485 4.2% Merit Resolutions 3,515 30.3% Total Settlement Dollars $49,900,000 Source:
  • No I cannot say I have certainly not to the point of complaining.
  • Not in the workplace. I have had a couple of people try to rape me, but I managed to come unscrewed.
  • Nope, never had that happen to me, but willing to give it a shot. LOL
  • I've been sexually harassed by a previous employer, but I didn't suffer it, I quite liked it actually.
  • I've never 'suffered' from sexual harassment.
  • nope, and neither have most the people who file. not saying they were not offended by some sexual comment but that very few people are sexualy HARASSED. for something to be harassment it must be persistant... something our nations seems to have forgotten. there is not a single sentance no matter how offencive or crude that by itself is harassment. sexual harassment laws were made in a time when it did occur possibly rampantly, but they have since been overapplied. I actualy had someone I had never met threaten to file a sexual harassment complaint because I said she was wearing a lovely shirt. (I refuse to let teh few idiots like her ruin it for the majority who appreciate the compliments I give, several have said that I made their day) as for wether or not I would "suffer" sexual harassment? people can flirt with me if they wish knowing it will go nowhere, as long as it stays friendly/innocent. if they get too descript (women can flirt more than guys before it goes too far for me) I will tell them to stop, ONLY AFTER that can it become harassment. if 2 people are speaking crudely to eachother and I don't like it I DON'T EVESDROP!!! if they persist in talking to me in that manner I would tell them I do not appreciate that, if they continued to talk TO ME like that then I would get a sup involved. until you let them know you do not appreciate it it is your fault if it persists.
  • My boss once told me "those jeans make your ass look good" I thought to myself "no, my ass makes these jeans look good" I threatened to report him. He sent me a $300 "hush" check with an apology. I was young and dumb....I took the check!

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