• Where was grandma when the dotty daughter was going through the invitro? Who can afford it? Is she wealthy? Unmarried mother of six kids gets invitro plants...there is more than a dotty daughter here..there are the medical professionals who did this who are clearly nuts..what kind of person is daughter? Was she a wonderful mom to the six she already had? Does she plan to have more? This whole thing sounds like a skit on SNL..
  • If it were my daughter, I'd be helping her like crazy over the next year, babies can be difficult.
  • I think if my daughter had 6 kids already, while she is studying at the same time and goes and gets pregnant again, I would probably say the same thing that the mom is saying. I think this borderlines on abusive, and it is definitely obsessive compulsive behavior. I am a 32 year old teacher and let me tell you, 14 kids is hard to deal with on a daily basis, when they are not yours. Imagine when you have to change diapers and take them to the doctor and buy them clothes and at the same time work and pay bills. I'm sorry to say this, but I think that girl needs psych help and those fertility clinics are not helping.
  • who is paying the bills over 40 hospital workers caring for this self centered low life
  • I would also let her figure it out on her own that she needs to keep her legs closed.
  • Wonder where I went wrong and then get outta there.
  • Yeah. I'm with Grandma on this one. I've done the preschool teacher thing. 14 kids is nervewracking enough at six to eight hours a day when there are two other helpers and you get a 15 minute break every few hours. 14 kids, 24/7, and you can't give them back at the end of the day? oh, HELL no.
  • It seems that she has had quite a brood of children over the years by in vitro fertilization.If it were one of my daughters I would be asking them how they could afford to keep such a large family.And if they were relying on the state to keep them I would be none too happy.
  • I would sue the doctor who did it for malpractice and every other related charge my lawyer could think of.
  • If it were my daughter she would have had the common sense not to have that many kids in the first place. (I hope)
  • Can you imagine how many nappies/diapers they will get through?....8x8=64 a day, the cost! and the time, if she's lucky and they sleep 6 hours at night that leaves 18 hours @ a nappy/diaper change every 15 minutes! Then there's the bottles...she must be crazy, or do I sniff a film and book deal here?
  • If I was the irresponsible to get invitro while unmarried and then expect my mother to do a lot of work taking care of the children, I would expect her to say "you made your bed hard, now lie in it". This also depends on how much the daughter was asking of the mom. Grandmother's should love helping with their grandchildren, but not if taken advantage of.
  • :)))) this is too funny. Well after the money from all the publicity runs out I would move to Europe :)
  • I really don't understand how her marital status matters. I agree it's ideal for children to have two parents (of any sex), but whether they're married or not is irrelevant. It's much more important that the home environment is stable and loving, something which can be achieved without marriage. In any case, some couples cannot legally marry. But I think if it was my daughter I'd be inclined to leave her to it, maybe if she hadn't had any help from her parents with the first six she'd have been less inclined to have another 8.
  • If that was my daughter I would have told her after the 6 kids that she better tie her tubes! I can only help so much and if she wants more kids it's going to be her problem. I don't blame this gramma at all. If the daughter wanted a big family she should have found a good job and provide a good home instead of dumping them on someone else. If gramma wanted a big family she would have had more kids! Supposidly this woman is an only child.
  • I don't have a daughter but my own mother made it very clear that she is a grandmother NOT a parent to my son. I never assume she can babysit so I can't imagine giving birth to 14 kids and expecting her to pay for my mistake. THE BABIES ARE NOT MISTAKES, but the decision to get pregnant is.
  • um i would have never been there if she is old enough to have kid after kid then she can deal with it on her own...
  • It wouldn't happend because I wouldn't pay for it to start with.
  • I'd call her a moron. Really, unmarried with 6 kids, and she wanted IVF to have another? 1 more or 8 more, she's a moron.
  • I will always be there for my children. In this case, I would leave only if the stress of it was making me unstable. I wouldn't want to lash out and hurt my grandchildren because of severe stress.
  • Tell her to keep her legs shut...!
  • The whole thing makes me angry BUT I'm glad I'm a Canadian so my tax money doesn't go to someone like her! What happened to wanting more for yourself and your children? Is it too much to want to grow up, get a career and stable life and then introduce children into the mix? I had one child knowing that he would have a comfortable life....not spoiled...but he doesn't have to worry about where he will live or eat.

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