• In most and maybe all states. As long as the 17 year old is in your custody. Also the judge will decide if their needs to be a restrainging order. But a Restraining order is only enforced when one reports the other person as not abiding by that restraining order. So Lets say its your 17 year olds boyfriend and She is sneaking away from home to be with him. He wouldnt get into trouble unless, someone who knows there is a restraining order and who will call the police if they see them together. Also think carefully about what you are about to try and do. Is your 17 year old really in harm around them? She will be 18 soon and if you place a restraining order, what will be the result when she turns 18? Will she hate you for it? And if this is her boyfriend, what would happen if she loves him and then leaves to move in with him and they have kids? He will have some form of record on him because you once had a restraining order on him. How would your future grandkids feel knowing their grandma did that to their dad? It is your job as a parent to keep your child safe and to do what is best for them. But when they are 17 it is just so close to them being a legal adult. Since she does not want the restraining order, maybe you could try and teach her ways to be safe. By forcing her away from this person, could in return force her away from you. Its one thing to not like someone or think they are good for your girl, but if they are harming her, help her to see it and help her to see where things are going. Im only guessing its a boyfriend and you dont want this to get worse. So maybe you could set something up with a womans shelter or something like that where women could talk with her and tell her their story. Or maybe you could get some good movies on abused women and watch them with her. Remember to be gentle about it, dont attack her by saying she doesnt know what she is doing. Instead tell her you love her and want what is best for her. Encourage her to make wise choices.
  • As long as you are the steward of this child, as long as she is under the age of 18, and as long as she has not had a live birth. In many states, a 13 year old is considered an adult if she has had a child.

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