• Tell him it's because they've suffered many hardships and now people are so afraid of hurting their feelings they make up politically correct terms that don't make a lot of sense.
  • They're called African American not because they're from Arica but because they share another main feature ,their skin color looks similar. There're lots of similarities between African and African American but it doesn't mean they share every feature
  • Jamaicans are from Africa. The Caribbean was a way station for slave ships and some escaped and populated the islands. Do you think it is OK for white people from Africa to consider themselves African Americans?
  • logically black American is more precise,but language don't need to be so logical as the science ,language is to feel.If you use black,it could be offensive.Maybe it's better to tell your kid that you really appreciate his creative ideas but don't judge a word only from its surface but try to understand beyond surface.
  • It's a political term, nothing more. Black is black and white is white, those inbetween I gather might have a bit of a problem.. People have become very racially sensitive, so not using racial terminology is for the best. People are people and should be called thus. In other words don't use racial terms unless you absolutely have to. It's only a matter of time until we're all referred to as humans/people.
  • Darker skin was/is basically a survival mechanism. People whose ancestors lived in hotter areas (such as Africa, certain parts of Latin America and Mexico and Indiana) have darker skin. Also, Africa is more racially diverse than the world itself. Northern Africans had straighter/wavy hair and lighter skin while South Africans had darker skin. In Europe, they (from what I learned) lived in caves/colder wet areas. This meant that they did not need as much light. Hence why people with European roots have lighter hair and yes and striaghter hair. I don't recall African-Americans being a name picked by many African-Americans. From what I learned, it was a way to seperate them as second class citizens/point out that they aren't really "American". Other races also go by their ancestors ethniticity even when they may have never been to the country or have family there. Many Blacks who refer to themselves as African-American those that do tend to have a stronger connection with their roots. Most Blacks stick to the term Blacks b/c they have no connection to Africa. If someone is of African ancestory in America, call them black. Most Black Americans are multiracial and only count as Black through the One Drop Rule or simply because they look black.
  • Tell him people are ignorant
  • Okay, I'm sorry for causing u troubles .What I mean is that of course it's right to call them black Africans ,for that's the fact. But do u think it might be offensive in this way? They're called African Americans and that's widely accepted by the society. Can't we regard it only as a more polite and respectful name that refers to black Americans. Is everyone what they're called? Name is just a sigh of calling u instead of what u really are. (Anyway I have to say that's a great thought of 9-year-old child,AND Tell him clearly why will help make him greater.) Good luck! U gonna decide it yourself based on our advise.
  • I say white,brown, or black. Because it's awfully assumptive to say african american. And I have a hang up with the fact that nobody cares what us white peoples roots are. I am scottish american. But nobody wants to hear that. I'm white and that's that. So to me blacks are black and that's that. I really don't care anymore what is politically correct. I call it how I see it. No fancy words needed.
  • People tend to want to name things and people and then sometimes assume that what appears similar has to fit a label. You will learn that such labels miss the beautiful uniqueness of the interesting person you are wondering about. If your parents permit (in their presence) ask a question out of your curiosity. Lots can be learned by direct experience.
  • Tell him not everyone with darker skin is called "African American" just as every White American is not called "former European"

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