• Their nuts because i just read it and it doesn't make me angry or defensive.
  • People piss me off on the internet all the time, and i get angry when i read that because it makes true that they would NEVER say these things to me to my damn face. Even though it is just the internet, it doesnt give people the right to be nasty and rude.
  • I think because saying it is just the internet negates them as a person. Many people come on the net and are themselves and find friends and enjoy the interaction. Many come on and all they want is to have fun by belittling others and when they get upset they trot out the old its just the internet as if that makes ridiculing other people acceptable. Its is just the internet, just as a supermarket is just a supermarket and a church is just a church.
  • It only bothers me if someone uses it as an excuse to treat someone with less respect than they would otherwise.

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